Monday, October 20, 2008

Bethany is...

A dear, sweet girl on my wing just wrote on the whiteboard on my door – it’s a small board, with the words “Bethany is…” at the top. Usually I then list where I am going to be when I’m out of the room. Sometimes I fill it in with other things when I’m feeling creative, like “Bethany is… class-y.” or “Bethany is… freshmen stalking.” or “Bethany is… undermining the system.” Just to keep people guessing.

As of five minutes ago, the board was wiped clean, as I was sitting in here working on my book report… but then said sweet girl wrote “Bethany is… a stunning masterpiece.” I kind of chuckled when I saw it – it fits her personality.

But then I thought, “What if we all really did view ourselves as just that – a stunning masterpiece?” Not necessarily just physically – but all of our combined experiences and traits and thoughts and talents and hopes and dreams… if I really, really, really believed that I was a masterpiece – and each brush stroke was shaping and embellishing me, how would that change my behavior and outlook on life?

I think it’s a kind of self-confidence I’m still waiting for.

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