Saturday, July 24, 2010

Selling Out :-D

A List of Several Things I Used to Scoff at:

1) Farmville. That facebook game that takes over people's lives, and they become compulsive about organizing their lives around the times that their crops need to be harvested. It's not even real! Why spend so much time playing?

2) Disney Channel Shows. Hannah Montana. The Suite Life. Wizards of Waverly Place. Lame Lame Lame. It's bad enough that kids and teenagers are so obsessed with such poor entertainment - why do so many college girls love Hannah Montana?

3) Domesticity. Women should find other things to love than 'housework'. Oh those poor poor females who spend most of their time cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc.

4) Dogs. I like cats. They are smart. Dogs are dumb and slobbery and gross.

5) Top 40 Radio. Who listens to popular music? Not I! Nothing good to be found there.

6) Highway Driving. Why take the interstate when you can take back roads? Much simpler, much nicer to do the country driving.

7) Art Majors. Why would anyone go to school to get a degree in art? It's not like they can actually use it, or earn a living from it. So impractical!

8) Those Kinds of Couples. Who spend hours on the phone each night, talking to each other. Who email back and forth in between the phone calls. Who text each other little things about their day. All of that communication is clearly unhealthy and obsessive. There's no way anyone could possibly just enjoy talking to each other that much.

9) Talking on the Phone. I don't like talking on the phone. So impersonal. Talking in person is way better, and I do not like spending more than a few minutes on the phone. I will email someone before I will talk on the phone with them.

10) Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets. Gross. Gross gross gross.

A List of Things I Have Come to Enjoy in the Past Year:

1) Farmville is actually fun, and even though I only joined after my mom and boyfriend joined forces against me, I very soon started to love it. It's so pretty! All the different colored plants and trees and animals... don't judge if you've never played. I learned my lesson.

2) I recently spent many hours watching Disney Channel Shows with an 11-year-old girl that my friend Rachel babysits. And... I was not just pretending to laugh for the sake of the child.

3) I've spent a lot of time being domestic this summer. I've been keeping the kitchen clean and organized for my mom, helping to clean and organize various rooms in the house in general. Baking a little. Cooking a little. Mending / Altering clothes a little. Budgeting. Making a wardrobe. Doing laundry. Folding clothes. And I like it.

4) I love Samson. He is the best dog ever.

5) I also spent a lot of time while I was in St Louis with Rachel, listening to Top 40 Radio. There were some catchy tunes on there... I might have even listened to the station on my many-hour-long drive home on Thursday... and as I passed through different parts of different states, flipped through different stations until I found another one playing those songs. I can admit it.

6) Highway Driving and Cruise Control are the best! Fast! Clean! Efficient! Easy! No cows on the road!

7) I am an art major.

8) My boyfriend and I started dating three weeks before the end of the school semester. We've talked to each other a lot over the summer. I love talking with him, and we haven't actually run out of things to talk about yet. Ever. I miss him - I can admit that. :-) We have spent many more weeks apart than together since we've been dating. Recently as we were talking on the phone, we noted that perhaps we had become on of those kinds of couples.

9) *See number 8*

10) Yeah... hot pockets. Tasty.

So what I'm saying is... it's okay to change your mind about things. And perhaps in the future, I will form much less strong opinions about things that I have never tried or experienced. :-)

Try something you've always made fun of today.

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super_dustin said...

I will tell you how awesome I think all of these, and you, are (though 2 is very iffy) next time we #8. :-)