Monday, July 20, 2009

I Have Superhero Syndrome.

I want to save the world.

Save the cheerleader; save the world. There is a God, and there is a Heaven. Recycling. Throwing the damn starfish back in the ocean. Why does it work? Because we all have a need to believe that our actions, that events in our lives have a deeper meaning. That the little things that we do day-to-day matter.

So what do you do when the world sucks, and you know you can’t do anything about it?

Should I just close my eyes tight, ignore reality, and pretend that I can make the world perfect single-handedly?

Or should I completely drop the idea that I can make a difference, and just accept the world as the disappointing mess that it is?

I think either of those options would make life a lot easier.

But maybe finding contentedness in life is about reconciling those two ideas.

I would take any answer right now.

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